Noble Quran In Hindi Language

20 December 2012

The Noble Quran In Iranon Language - So Qur'an al Karim ago so Kiya pema ana iron ko basa a iranon sa pilimpinas

The Noble Quran In Iranon Language
 Pages 1086

 Size: 29.1 MB


  1. Alhamdulillah I have downloaded it! My question: where to get a free copy or buy in Philippines or in the internet? Please reply. I am interested. I am equally interested to own a copy of the Quran in Iranon language? I want to compare the translations - English, Maranao and Iranon! May Allah SWT prosper, bless and reward your da'wah services!
    AbdulRashid Cayongcat
    Global Islamic Research & Mission Da'wah

  2. As da'ee, published author, I want to own the Qur'an Arabic -Maranao Translation and I want to have a copy also of the Qur'an in Iranon Translation. I came to know the 2 different versions at but I can't find them no more! One question to ask to clear my mind from doubt: Why call the Quran- Maranao Translation an Iranon Translation not Maranao Translation. This is the first time I have read this thing on the internet! I want to know which is the best of translation! I need your help!


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